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Yoga Therapy

Courses are 5-10 days:

Including asanas (postures), pranayamas (energy breathing), meditations & cleansing practices for all ailments including asthma, diabetes, overweight, back pain, arthritis & rheumatism, stress related ailments, cancer, depression,  anxiety, tension, high blood pressure, heart problems, eyesight improvement, breathing problems, gastric problems, head ache, cancer, stroke and paralysis and many others, others.

(unburdening your problems and find a spiritual solution to them)

SPECIALIZED YOGA SADHANAS: (courses are 5-10 days)
Includes asanas (postures), pranayamas (energy breathing), meditations, cleansing practices, therapeutic counseling, spiritual practices for awareness & upliftment & wholeness
  • YOGA MEDITATION FOR WOMEN - to be strong, happy & healthy
  • YOGA MEDITATION FOR EASY DELIVERY - for good health of mother & baby and invoking special child.
  • YOGA MEDITATION TO EASE MENOPAUSE - to balance and utilize extra energy and start a new life of fulfillment.
  • YOGA MEDITATION FOR THE ELDERLY - to maintain good physical and mental health and connect to Higher Spiritual Consciousness.
  • YOGA MEDITATION 4 TEENS - practices for concentration, growth & to balance hormones.
  • FUN YOGA 4 KIDS - for strength, good health, concentration & nurture positive samskaras.
  • YOGA 4 CANCER KIDS - for strengthening body & mind and immune system.
  • YOGA AT THE DESK - practices that can be done at your desk to release stress, relax, refresh and keep fit.
  • FITNESS - YOGA MEDITATION - to keep fit, focused, positive & happy.
  • STRESS BUSTING YOGA MEDITATION - to release stress immediately and learn to do so on a regular basis by yourself.
  • YOGA MEDITATION FOR BETTER HEALTH & PEACE OF MIND (STRESS MANAGEMENT) - A balanced sadhana of asanas, pranayamas, mudras, and meditations, satsangs on yogic life style, diet and other observances  for a happy and healthy life.
  • YOGA MEDITATION TO AUGMENT NATUROPATHY TREATMENT - including asanas, pranayamas, meditations, cleansing practices, life style, mantra, bhakti, gnana& karma yoga.
  • YOGA MEDITATION TO AUGMENT AYURVEDA TREATMENT - including asanas, pranayamas, meditations, cleansing practices, life style, mantra, bhakti, gnana & karma yoga.